Big Hearted Business 2014

I can’t find the words to say how awesome it was to be part of BHB2014 this year.  I met so many amazing big hearted people and had so many real and connected conversations – I’m still on a little bit of a high I think!  My plan is to share my thoughts over the next few weeks – but in the meantime, here are some pictures: both my handwritten observations and some photos too

20140505-223507.jpg“Say yes to the opportunities” Clare Bowditch

Being at BHB for me was all about saying yes to something that was right outside my comfort zone…. and in case you’re wondering, the magic happened!!!

20140505-223543.jpg Missy Higgins spoke to the value of creativity, and how strangers who create music, stories, art and songs can contribute so much to the lives of others.

Missy Higgins gave her first ever keynote speech – at what a keynote it was!  I have so much more of her gold to share…..

20140505-223536.jpg 20140505-223527.jpg“Make it easy for the journalists to tell your story” Jo Walker on Press releases.

Jo Walker from Frankie Magazine shared her advice on how to get your press release noticed – more on that soon.

20140505-223334.jpgFabian Dattner advises stopping, connecting with our heart beat and our breath.  We are not alone.

It was Fabian Dattner’s 60th Birthday – and she spoke and answered questions about life the universe and everything for over an hour.  She had some really clear insights around failure – again I’ll write about them soon.

20140505-223321.jpg“When I changed my diet I found I changed my thoughts, and when I changed the way I thought I changed the way I acted, and when I changed the way I acted, I changed my life”.  Kemi Nekvapi talking with Joost Bakker about nourishment.

Kemi Nikvapi and Joost Bakker shared so much wisdom about food – what we take into our bodies, where it comes from and where it goes.  I don’t think either of them would approve of my Thermomix addiction somehow.  Shhhhhhhhhh…….

And lastly, some pics of me in action…. and getting a thumbs up from the awesome CB!

Courage, Courage, Nuts & Bolts

Courage, Courage, Nuts & Bolts


Some of the speakers