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I am a lawyer, a teacher, an artist and an entrepreneur. Some days I’m all of those things, and other days I’m none of them. I love listening to and telling stories. I teach commercial and legal subjects into the Juris Doctor and Executive MBA programs at RMIT – and teaching is an awesome way to learn.

For information about my qualifications and experience, see my profile on LinkedIn

I subscribe to only one rule – a rigid policy of absolute flexibility.

Like most people, I’m trying to work out what I’m going to do when I grow up. Even so, when I’m working for you – as your lawyer, consultant, teacher or facilitator, I take it pretty bloody seriously. I’m outcome focused – and I enjoy a laugh or two along the way. Lots of people say I’m not like any other lawyer they know. I thank them and point out that they just don’t know the awesome lawyers I know.

Use the form below and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.  Or call me on 03 9016 8922.

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My legal and consulting services are essentially virtual – however, I can (and do) work out of DomaCom’s offices, at Level 6, 99 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 from time to time.  If you want to post me something, that’s the place to send it and the good folks there will put it aside for me.



I took this photo driving home from Mt Macedon in the rain. I like rain a lot. Not as much as my partner, but a lot more than most people. Thought you might like to know that about me too.